28 September 2018

Nomeward bound

That’s a wrap! Yesterday at 11:00 am we pulled our microstructure profiler back on deck for the last time. We hauled our chain of temperature and salinity sensors that hung from the bow back in and uploaded the data from their final deployment. All in all, it was an incredibly successful cruise. A month’s worth of measurements have been made and now we begin our transit back to Nome.

The last 24 hours have been spent packing up the lab, moving boxes into our shipping container, downloading and processing data, and combing through photos. It’s also been a little quieter in the lab as people catch up on sleep or lay low in the building seas. We were lucky for most of the cruise to have good weather, but we’ve hit a bit of it on our way south. The wind has picked up, and with it the waves have gained some height.

We’re due to pass through Bering Strait tomorrow morning and be dockside in Nome by the following morning. It’s been a wonderful trip, full of exciting science and beautiful sights.